2015 Exhibit Postponed >insert sadface here<

Hello Friends!

My name is Amy (@_thisspace_), founder and curator of Exposure Mobile Photo. As we near the anticipated December 1st call-for-artists, I’ve been forced to reconcile some personal challenges with the tremendous effort it takes to execute Exposure. This exhibit is dear to my heart, so it is with great disappointment that I announce that the 2015 Exposure exhibit is postponed indefinitely.

Due to a personal medical situation, I am unable to commit the amount of time and energy that Exposure deserves to succeed. I have given a lot of thought to how the exhibit could be continued without my primary involvement. The following options were considered: scaling back the exhibit; obtaining a grant to hire a curator; bribing friends to volunteer labor; handing the reins over to the host gallery. Ultimately, the decision to suspend the exhibit hinged on the fact that hundreds of hours of planning and execution are required, and I am a perfectionist. If I can’t do it big and proper, I’d rather not do it at all.

Since its inception, Exposure has been a labor of love. I do not profit from it (no financial ties to the host, CS Gallery). My goal was simply to expand and connect the mobile arts community in my beautiful city, Columbus, and worldwide. It’s been immensely satisfying to realize this objective and to witness the excitement of participants and the community, alike.

Exposure was embraced not only by the global mobile arts community, but also by the local community. I can’t thank everybody enough for the positive reception, or for the numerous hands that were involved to make the event a success two years in a row. I hope to resurrect Exposure in the future, but for now, she must rest.


thank you!

Thank you for another successful EXPOSURE! See you next year!

you guys are awesome

As we wind down EXPOSURE 2014, I find myself getting a little sentimental…

One of the coolest things about this exhibit isn’t that images are selling well, or that we were featured in the press (although, those things are really awesome, too!!!!), it’s the connections that are made and the excitement I see from the artists. I met a lot of great folks this year and last, and I’ve watched artists connect with one another, friendships and creative collaborations be born across thousands of miles, and artists use Exposure as a launching pad to greater artistic endeavors. This year, I also had the opportunity to (finally!) meet and give big ole hugs to artists from the mobile community who I’ve known through social media for years. This is why I love Exposure and why the months of sweat equity are worth it. Thank you to all of the artists, supporters, enthusiasts, and volunteers, and to Daniel at CS Gallery who lets me do my thing without interference.

Special thanks to the Jeff McCargish Band, DJ Moxy, and pRODUCT for performing, and to the following generous sponsors: Yellow Brick Pizza, That Food Truck, Old Town Tavern, Corner Stone Craft Beer & Wine, Old Familiar Barbershop, Cap City Tattoo, Voda Hair Design, Upper Cup Coffee, and Abnormal Allies!

~Amy, @_thisspace_

Opening Night Pics

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Online gallery is live!

I’ve noticed that a lot of exclamation points are used on this site. We’re just so excited!

In other news, the EXPOSURE Online Gallery is live! Limited edition matted prints are available for purchase now through March 29, 2014. NOTE: All prints will ship on April 19, regardless of purchase date.

NOTE: If you are interested in purchasing a wood-mounted print from the CS Gallery exhibit (8″x8″ prints mounted on a 8″x8″x0.75″ wood panel) please contact Daniel Colvin of CS Gallery directly (daniel@cobenickstudios.com) to inquire about availability. Image panels from the CS Gallery exhibit are $55 each + shipping, and are limited editions of one.


Months of prep and here we are! EXPOSURE Mobile Photo opens tonight with a heckuva reception! For those who cannot attend in person, our Online Gallery will go live on Sunday, March 16 at noon (EST).



EXPOSURE was featured in a fabulous two page spread in the Columbus Alive! In addition to discussing the history and mission of EXPOSURE, the article also featured the work of artists Adam Elkins (Ohio), Amy Hafner (Ohio), Janine Graf (Massachusetts), Paul Brown (England), Lisa Waddell (Texas), and Gizem Karayavuz (Turkey). Check it out!


The MPAs

In January, the annual Mobile Photography Awards (MPAs) were announced. For those unfamiliar with the MPAs, they are the top honor in mobile photography. Even those artists receiving honorable mentions are in the top 1-2% of their category. It is a real honor to be selected.

This year, 21 of EXPOSURE’s 60 artists have received at least one MPA honor since 2011. Stellar bunch! (Keep scrolling to learn more about these artists in a previous post.)



Ale Di Gangi // Honorable Mention: Transportation

Barbara duBois // 2nd  Place: Visual FX + Honorable Mention: Abstract, Visual FX, Digital Fine Art, Still Life, The Darkness

Cindi Hobgood // Winner: Perfect Photo + Honorable Mention: Photojournalism (2); Architecture/Design

Cristian Margarita // Honorable Mention: Visual FX (2); Digital Fine Art

Dani Salvadori // Honorable Mention: Street Photography

Fiona Christian // Honorable Mention: Macro

Gizem Karayavuz // Honorable Mention: Self-Portrait

Glenn Homann // Honorable Mention: Black & White; Waterscape

Heather McAlister // Honorable Mention: People; Waterscape; Transportation

Janine Graf // 2nd  Place: Transportation + Honorable Mention: Visual FX

Jeanette Serrat // Honorable Mention: Visual FX

Jen L. Phillips // 2nd  Place: Photo Essay + Honorable Mention: DPR Connect

Jennifer Bracewell (past MPA judge) // Honorable Mention: Self-Portrait (4); Appstracts/Digital Painting; Digital FX

Lanie Heller // 2nd  Place: Self-Portrait + 1st Runner Up: Apps

Lisa Waddell // Honorable Mention: Still Life

Mel Harrison // 1st  Place: Visual FX + Honorable Mention: Appstracts/Digital Painting

Michelle Robinson // Honorable Mention: Photojournalism; Still Life; People; Black & White

Nicholas Carron // Honorable Mention: Photojournalism

Rinkey Boleman // 1st  Place: Travel

Roger Guetta // Honorable Mention: Appstracts/Digital Painting

Stephane Arnaud // Honorable Mention: Waterscapes

{ sneak peek }

adam elkins // exposure artist


Meet the 60 Exposure Artists of 2014

Elkins_4Adam Elkins // Ohio




DiGangi_151Ale Di Gangi // Italy




Hafner_6Amy Hafner // Ohio





duBois_159Barbara duBois // California





Kraus_14Caroline Kraus // Ohio




MacMoran_165Caroline MacMoran // Pennsylvania





Halsor_170Cathrine Halsor // Norway





Cochran_19Chad Cochran // Ohio




McFarland_22Christen McFarland // Ohio





Mayberry_28Christina Mayberry // Ohio





Hobgood_173Cindi Hobgood // Washington, D.C.




Margarita_178Cristian Margarita // Italy




Salvadori_184Dani Salvadori // Great Britain




ThomasD_188Dewey Thomas // California




Estep_34Donna Estep // Ohio




Rush_36Emily Rush // Ohio




Hermann_44Eve Hermann // Ohio





Christian_192Fiona Christian // Great Britain





Ricoveri_199Gianluca Ricoveri // Italy




Karayavuz_203Gizem Karayavuz // Turkey




Homann_206Glenn Homann // Australia





Danae_49Gwenn Danae //Ohio




Conley_55Hannah Conley // Ohio





McAlister_211Heather McAlister // California





Processed with VSCOcam with se3 presetHelge Jorgensen // Denmark




Gaines_223JQ Gaines // New Jersey





French_229Jade French // Great Britain





Graf_231Janine Graf // Massachusetts





Processed with VSCOcam with b5 presetJared Gibbons // Ohio




Ross_62Jay Ross // Ohio




Serrat_238Jeanette Serrat // New Jersey





Phillips_242Jen L. Phillips // Washington




Brewster_67Jenn Brewster // Ohio





Bender_73Jennifer Bender // Ohio





Bracewell_247Jennifer Bracewell // California




Balough_77Jimmy Balough // Ohio





Fitch_81Justin Fitch // Ohio





Processed with VSCOcam with p4 presetKate Sweeney // Ohio




Heller_254Lanie Heller // Rhode Island




Hogle_94Lindsey Hogle // Ohio





Waddell_257Lisa Waddell // Texas





Koenig_98Mark Koenig // Ohio





Corwin_101Megan Corwin // Ohio




Harrison_263Mel Harrison // Australia





Schmitt_107Melanie Schmitt // Ohio





RobinsonM_270Michelle Robinson // Australia




Carron_112Nicholas Carron // Ohio




McColgan_116Patrick McColgan // Ohio




edited with Simply B&WPaul Brown // Great Britain




Boleman_278Rinkey Boleman // Indiana





Guetta_282Roger Guetta / Canada




Processed with Cameramatic app.Stephane Arnaud // France




Milling_122Sue Milling // Ohio





Courlas_127Tim Courlas // Ohio




Langhurst_134Vanessa Langhurst // Ohio





Hanson_293Veevs Hanson // Great Britain




Arnold_141W.E. Arnold // Ohio




Whiispa_296Whiispa // Australia





MikhoMisho_150Yana Mikho-Misho // Ohio






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