Prints, wood panels, and mounting supplies have been ordered and are en route to the studio for assembly. With the opening reception fast approaching (March 15!), we are also in the midst of preparing promotional materials, such as show postcards, posters, and the press release. February will be a whirlwind but we are excited!

And by “we” I mean me (Amy), Daniel (CS Gallery), and Cyndi Westover (assistant extraordinaire).

I’ve suckered Cyndi (kidding, she volunteered!) into helping with the organization of this beast. Cyndi (@verucas_chaos2) is an active participant in the mobile photography community, as many folks know. Recently, she embarked on a project to document life after retirement via mobile photography, and is on the hunt for the perfect combination of Hipstamatic film and lens. Endless combinations, Cyndi — good luck! If you’ve had the pleasure of interacting with her, you know she’s a hoot. She’s also never not taking photos, and plays the ukelele. So basically, she’s a perfect fit. Thank you, Cyndi, for volunteering your time!