2015 Exhibit Postponed >insert sadface here<

Hello Friends!

My name is Amy (@_thisspace_), founder and curator of Exposure Mobile Photo. As we near the anticipated December 1st call-for-artists, I’ve been forced to reconcile some personal challenges with the tremendous effort it takes to execute Exposure. This exhibit is dear to my heart, so it is with great disappointment that I announce that the 2015 Exposure exhibit is postponed indefinitely.

Due to a personal medical situation, I am unable to commit the amount of time and energy that Exposure deserves to succeed. I have given a lot of thought to how the exhibit could be continued without my primary involvement. The following options were considered: scaling back the exhibit; obtaining a grant to hire a curator; bribing friends to volunteer labor; handing the reins over to the host gallery. Ultimately, the decision to suspend the exhibit hinged on the fact that hundreds of hours of planning and execution are required, and I am a perfectionist. If I can’t do it big and proper, I’d rather not do it at all.

Since its inception, Exposure has been a labor of love. I do not profit from it (no financial ties to the host, CS Gallery). My goal was simply to expand and connect the mobile arts community in my beautiful city, Columbus, and worldwide. It’s been immensely satisfying to realize this objective and to witness the excitement of participants and the community, alike.

Exposure was embraced not only by the global mobile arts community, but also by the local community. I can’t thank everybody enough for the positive reception, or for the numerous hands that were involved to make the event a success two years in a row. I hope to resurrect Exposure in the future, but for now, she must rest.