Q. What are the eligibility requirements?

All images must be shot and processed using ONLY a mobile device and associated mobile apps. We define “mobile device” as all mobile phones and tablets. IMAGES MAY NOT BE ALTERED USING A DESKTOP OR LAPTOP COMPUTERTHIS MEANS ABSOLUTELY NO USE OF PHOTOSHOP, LIGHTROOM, PICASA, GIMP OR OTHER PC-BASED PROCESSING SOFTWARE IS ACCEPTABLE. Images found to have been edited using PC-based software will be disqualified. You may, however, resize or rename your files, and submit using a desktop computer.

For the 2015 exhibit, both square and rectangle images will be accepted. Rectangular images MUST be sized to a 5:4 ratio (e.g., 8×10 inches). IMAGES WITH BORDERS WILL BE REJECTED. IF YOUR IMAGE DOES NOT FIT THE SIZE RATIO REQUIREMENT, YOUR IMAGE MUST BE CROPPED OR RESIZED. IMAGES CAN BE RESIZED USING THE CROP FUNCTION IN THE “SNAPSEED” APP.

Q. Why is the exhibit juried?

Due to overwhelming interest, and in an effort to be fair to all artists that wish to participate, we felt it was important to consider all work in an unbiased, independent manner, in lieu of the “first come-first served” method that was used in 2013. Although we would love to include all artists, CS Gallery has a finite amount of wall space. Therefore, the obvious solution was to make EXPOSURE a juried exhibition.

The juror selected in 2014 was a professional artist independent of the exhibit and of the mobile photography community, which enabled them to jury with an objective eye.

Q. How many artists will be accepted?

In 2014, a total of 60 artists were accepted: 30 artists from Ohio and 30 artists from outside of Ohio (U.S. and international). We are currently reassessing the submittal and acceptance process. Any changes to future exhibitions will be announced here.

Q. When will artists be notified of acceptance?

In mid-January, accepted artists will be notified via email and announcements will be made here and on the Exposure Mobile Photo Facebook page.

Q. Is there a theme or style the juror is looking for?

There is no theme or style requirement. We simply seek the best examples of mobile photography from around the world.

Please note that this is a fine art exhibition designed to add legitimacy to mobile photography as an art. Demonstration of technical aptitude, creativity and multi-apping are encouraged; overprocessing is discouraged, as are snapshots.

Q. How do I submit images?

Once the Call for Entries is open, it will be announced, along with instructions and deadlines, on the home page, as well as on the Exposure Mobile Photo Facebook page.

Q. How many images may I submit?

To be determined. We are evaluating the successes and failures of 2013 and 2014, and will have more information about future exhibitions shortly.

Q. Do I have to submit all of my images at once?

Yes. In order to streamline the submittal and jury process, we ask that you submit all images at once.

Q. What size and shape of images can I submit?

In 2013 and 2014, the exhibit displayed only 8×8 inch square images. We are considering expanding the sizes and shapes for future exhibitions.

With hundreds of images, we want the exhibit to look and feel seamless, and for all artists to have the same amount of wall space. CS Gallery is responsible for professionally printing the accepted images on archival paper and mounting the images to wood panels (3/4″ thick) for display.

Q. Why won’t you allow images with borders?

In our experience, borders to fulfill size requirements (e.g., a white border along the top and bottom to convert a rectangle into a square) distract from the overall flow of the exhibit; images with borders tend to not sell well as the border detracts from the core image. When an image does not fully extend to the edge of the wood panel on which it is mounted, it disrupts the visual flow and impact of the exhibition.


Q. May I watermark my images?

We prefer that you do NOT watermark your images. Watermarks impair the ability of the juror to view the artwork objectively. Also, watermarks detract from the artwork, as it is often the first thing the eye sees in an image. To maintain a professional appearance, the gallery prefers watermarks are not used on fine art photography.

All efforts will be made to ensure that any images displayed online are not downloadable and/or are posted at low-resolution.

Q. What is the submission fee?

There is no fee required to participate in the Call for Entry and jury process. However, ACCEPTED ARTISTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO SUBMIT $35 VIA PAYPAL WITHIN TWO WEEKS OF ACCEPTANCE. Payment instructions will be provided with acceptance letters in mid-January.

Q. If my work is accepted, how will my images be displayed, and at what price point?

CS Gallery is responsible for professionally printing all images on archival paper and mounting each image to a wood panel (3/4″ thick). The image will extend to the edge of the panel on all sides. The wood-mounted prints will be available for purchase at the gallery for $55. In addition, for the duration of the exhibit, limited edition matted prints will be available for purchase in an online gallery for $30 (+ shipping). Each matted print will be available in editions of five (5). Once the edition is sold out, no additional prints will be made of that image. CS GALLERY TAKES 25% COMMISSION ON ALL WORK SOLD.

Q. What percent commission does the gallery take?

CS Gallery takes 25% commission on all work sold. They pay rent, too!

Q. Do I maintain copyright on my images?

YES. Absolutely.

Q. What happens to unsold work?

Unsold work by local artists may be picked up in person during CS Gallery business hours for 30 calendar days after the exhibit closes (dates TBD). Work by local artists left after 30 calendar days will be destroyed by the gallery.

Unsold work by non-local artists may be shipped to the artist, provided the artist pays for shipping (based on 2014 shipping cost):

  • United States:  $8 for 1-3 pieces; $12 for 4-5 pieces
  • Canada: $17 for 1-3 pieces; $21 for 4-5 pieces
  • United Kingdom: $22 for 1-3 pieces; $26 for 4-5 pieces
  • Other International: $30 for 1-3 pieces; $34 for 4-5 pieces

If an artist does not wish to pay for shipping, their images will be destroyed by the gallery and the wood panels will be reused for the next EXPOSURE exhibit.