Meet the 60 Exposure Artists of 2014

Elkins_4Adam Elkins // Ohio




DiGangi_151Ale Di Gangi // Italy




Hafner_6Amy Hafner // Ohio





duBois_159Barbara duBois // California





Kraus_14Caroline Kraus // Ohio




MacMoran_165Caroline MacMoran // Pennsylvania





Halsor_170Cathrine Halsor // Norway





Cochran_19Chad Cochran // Ohio




McFarland_22Christen McFarland // Ohio





Mayberry_28Christina Mayberry // Ohio





Hobgood_173Cindi Hobgood // Washington, D.C.




Margarita_178Cristian Margarita // Italy




Salvadori_184Dani Salvadori // Great Britain




ThomasD_188Dewey Thomas // California




Estep_34Donna Estep // Ohio




Rush_36Emily Rush // Ohio




Hermann_44Eve Hermann // Ohio





Christian_192Fiona Christian // Great Britain





Ricoveri_199Gianluca Ricoveri // Italy




Karayavuz_203Gizem Karayavuz // Turkey




Homann_206Glenn Homann // Australia





Danae_49Gwenn Danae //Ohio




Conley_55Hannah Conley // Ohio





McAlister_211Heather McAlister // California





Processed with VSCOcam with se3 presetHelge Jorgensen // Denmark




Gaines_223JQ Gaines // New Jersey





French_229Jade French // Great Britain





Graf_231Janine Graf // Massachusetts





Processed with VSCOcam with b5 presetJared Gibbons // Ohio




Ross_62Jay Ross // Ohio




Serrat_238Jeanette Serrat // New Jersey





Phillips_242Jen L. Phillips // Washington




Brewster_67Jenn Brewster // Ohio





Bender_73Jennifer Bender // Ohio





Bracewell_247Jennifer Bracewell // California




Balough_77Jimmy Balough // Ohio





Fitch_81Justin Fitch // Ohio





Processed with VSCOcam with p4 presetKate Sweeney // Ohio




Heller_254Lanie Heller // Rhode Island




Hogle_94Lindsey Hogle // Ohio





Waddell_257Lisa Waddell // Texas





Koenig_98Mark Koenig // Ohio





Corwin_101Megan Corwin // Ohio




Harrison_263Mel Harrison // Australia





Schmitt_107Melanie Schmitt // Ohio





RobinsonM_270Michelle Robinson // Australia




Carron_112Nicholas Carron // Ohio




McColgan_116Patrick McColgan // Ohio




edited with Simply B&WPaul Brown // Great Britain




Boleman_278Rinkey Boleman // Indiana





Guetta_282Roger Guetta / Canada




Processed with Cameramatic app.Stephane Arnaud // France




Milling_122Sue Milling // Ohio





Courlas_127Tim Courlas // Ohio




Langhurst_134Vanessa Langhurst // Ohio





Hanson_293Veevs Hanson // Great Britain




Arnold_141W.E. Arnold // Ohio




Whiispa_296Whiispa // Australia





MikhoMisho_150Yana Mikho-Misho // Ohio






{ sneak peek }

gizem karayavuz // exposure artist

gizem karayavuz

{ sneak peek }

kate sweeney // exposure artist

Kate Sweeney

opening reception

The opening reception is Saturday, March 15, 2014 from 7:00-10:00 pm at CS Gallery, located at 66 Parsons Avenue, Columbus, Ohio.

The reception is free and open to the public. The Facebook Event page can be found here.

To celebrate the return of EXPOSURE, we are re-creating the ambiance of the power outage that occured opening night of the 2013 EXPOSURE exhibit — patrons were left in the dark to (fittingly) view the mobile images by the light of their smartphones. The atmosphere was special and intimate, and a disappointed “awwww” came from the crowd when power was restored. We thought it’d be fun to have a voluntary outage this year — the “Blackout Hour”.

{ BLACKOUT HOUR // 7:00-8:00 pm }
*The lights will be dimmed, the atmosphere will be memorable
*Raffle with prizes from local shops and restaurants
*Acoustic set by Jeff McCargish

{ LIGHTS ON! // 8:00-10:00 pm }
*Performances by DJ Moxy and pRODUCT
*Video projection

Food, beer, and wine will be available all evening.

° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

Exhibit dates: March 15-26, 2014
Gallery hours: Tues – Friday, 5:00-8:00 pm; Saturday + Sunday by appointment


Prints, wood panels, and mounting supplies have been ordered and are en route to the studio for assembly. With the opening reception fast approaching (March 15!), we are also in the midst of preparing promotional materials, such as show postcards, posters, and the press release. February will be a whirlwind but we are excited!

And by “we” I mean me (Amy), Daniel (CS Gallery), and Cyndi Westover (assistant extraordinaire).

I’ve suckered Cyndi (kidding, she volunteered!) into helping with the organization of this beast. Cyndi (@verucas_chaos2) is an active participant in the mobile photography community, as many folks know. Recently, she embarked on a project to document life after retirement via mobile photography, and is on the hunt for the perfect combination of Hipstamatic film and lens. Endless combinations, Cyndi — good luck! If you’ve had the pleasure of interacting with her, you know she’s a hoot. She’s also never not taking photos, and plays the ukelele. So basically, she’s a perfect fit. Thank you, Cyndi, for volunteering your time!

drumroll, please…

With so many exceptional and diverse images submitted, our juror, Lisa McLymont, had a very challenging job selecting 60 artists from a total of 139 submissions. A huge thank you to all who submitted — it is truly an honor to have your support and interest.

Accepted artists for EXPOSURE 2014:

Adam Elkins | @bigmanjapan
Amy Hafner | @amysreflections
Caroline Kraus | @blurry_st
Chad Cochran | @cowtownchad
Christen McFarland | @Xris10
Christina Mayberry | @mayberrygirl1999
Donna Estep | @donnaestep
Emily Rush | @ulterior_images
Eve Hermann | @eveher
Gwenn Danae | @uponadaydreamer
Hannah Conley
Jared Gibbons | @jaredsgibbons
Jay Ross | @jayross1979
Jenn Brewster
Jennifer Bender
Jimmy Balough | @jimmybalough
Justin Fitch | @photofitch
Kate Sweeney | @kate_sweeney
Lindsey Hogle | @linzho
Mark Koenig | @unikoen
Megan Corwin | @megancorwin
Melanie Schmitt | @maschmitt15
Nicholas Carron | @njcarron
Patrick McColgan | @mccpaddy
Sue Milling | @suemilling
Tim Courlas | @durtball
Vanessa Langhurst | @venus2828
Vickie Nelson
W.E. Arnold | @wearnold
Yana Mikho-Misho | @mikhomisho

The Rest of the World:
Ale Di Gangi | @ale2000 | Italy
Barbara duBois | USA
Caroline MacMoran | USA
Cathrine Halsor | Norway
Cindi Hobgood | @cindihobgood | USA
Cristian Margarita | @Frelu | Italy
Dani Salvadori | @danisalvadori | England
Dewey Thomas | @deweythomas_sf | USA
Fiona Christian | England
Gianluca Ricoveri | Italy
Gizem Karayavuz | @gizemkarayavuz | Turkey
Glenn Homann | Australia
Heather McAlister | @poppybay | USA
Helge Jorgensen | @helgejorgensen | Denmark
Jacqueline Gaines | USA
Jade (Brooks) French | England
Janine Graf | USA
Jeanette Serrat | USA
Jen L. Phillips | @eelnej | USA
Jennifer Bracewell | @_jenbeezy_ | USA
Lanie Heller | @Momma2maxh | USA
Lisa Waddell | USA
Mel Harrison | @MahoganyTurtle | Australia
Michelle Robinson | @michmutters | Australia
Paul Brown | @phoneograph| England
Rinkey Boleman | USA
Roger Guetta | @draman | Canada
Stephane Arnaud | @frommywindows | France
Veevs Hanson | @Veevs | England
Whiispa | @whiispa | Australia

so many great submissions!

The quality of work submitted for the 2014 iteration of {EXPOSURE} A Mobile Photography Exhibition is outstanding. Our juror, Lisa McLymont, has her work cut out for sure! Thank you all who submitted and helped get the word out!

We received a total of 139 submittals. This breaks down to 49 entries from Ohio and 90 entries from the rest of the world. Artists from 4 continents and both hemispheres submitted work in a wide variety of styles — from street photography to self-portraiture to conceptual work to landscapes to still life to abstracts — the quality of work is truly extraordinary.

Our juror will spend the next few weeks studying the images, which have been coded so that each artist is anonymous. A total of 60 artists — 30 from Ohio and 30 from outside of Ohio — will be selected to exhibit in {EXPOSURE}, which will be held at CS Gallery in March 2014. Artists will be notified of the juror’s selections in mid-January.

As previously stated in the rules for participation, accepted artists will be asked to submit a $35 fee to cover the cost of printing/mounting of the artworks. Instructions on when and how to submit the fee will be provided with acceptance letters.

Submission distribution by continent

the call for entry is closed

Thank you all who submitted! Artists will be notified about selections in mid-January.

5 days to go before submittal opens!

We are prepping for the onslaught of photographs that will bomb our inbox in December!

Submittal instructions will be posted when the Call for Entries opens this Sunday, December 1 (9:00 am EST).

Call for Entries will officially close on Sunday, December 15 (11:59 pm EST).

what to expect in 2014

We learned a lot in 2013, the inaugural year for EXPOSURE! The exhibit generated more interest and enthusiasm by the mobile photo community than we ever imagined, but also more chaos than anticipated. It was a valuable learning experience.

Below is a summary of what artists can expect for EXPOSURE 2014.

  • EXPOSURE 2014 will be held from March 15 – 26, 2014 at CS Gallery in the historic neighborhood of Olde Towne East in Columbus, Ohio, a metropolitan area with a population of nearly 2 million in the Midwest, U.S. The opening reception is scheduled for Saturday, March 15, 2014, 7:00-10:00 pm.
  • ALL IMAGES SUBMITTED MUST BE SHOT AND EDITED USING ONLY A MOBILE DEVICE AND ASSOCIATED APPS. We define “mobile device” as all mobile phones and tablets.
  • The 2014 exhibit will be JURIED through a blind jury process. The juror, Lisa McLymont, is a Columbus-based professional artist and art educator with no ties to the mobile photography community. We chose Lisa because she is able to provide an objective eye and eliminate bias.
  • The Call for Entry will be open December 1 – 15, 2013. The Call for Entry will officially close at 11:59 pm EST on December 15, 2013.
  • There is NO fee to participate in the Call for Entry or jury process.  Juror Lisa McLymont has graciously volunteered her time.
  • All work submitted must be in square format.
  • There is NO theme or style requirement. We simply want your best work.
  • A total of SIXTY (60) artists will be accepted, split evenly between Ohio artists and non-Ohio artists. (Thirty (30) Ohio artists will be accepted, and thirty (30) artists from outside of Ohio will be accepted.)
  • Accepted artists will be notified approximately one (1) month after the Call for Entry is closed. Accepted artists will also be listed here and on the Exposure Mobile Photo Facebook page.
  • Accepted artists will be subject to a $35 participation fee. This covers the cost of printing/mounting images, and promotional expenses.
  • Accepted artists will have five (5) images physically displayed at CS Gallery. Each image will also be available for purchase in limited editions of five (5) through an online gallery that will be operational for the duration of the brick-and-mortar exhibit.
  • Images displayed at the gallery will be professionally printed on 8″x8″ Kodak Professional Endura Lustre paper and mounted to an 8″x8″ wood panel (3/4″ thick). Wood-mounted images will be priced at $55. CS Gallery takes a 25% commission on all work sold.
  • Images sold through the online gallery will be professionally printed on 8″x8″ Kodak Professional Endura Lustre paper and matted to 11″x14″ using white acid-free matboard, and shipped in a clear, acid-free sleeve and photo mailer. Only five (5) of each image will be sold, thus maintaining edition status. Matted images sold online will be priced at $30 + shipping. CS Gallery takes a 25% commission on all work sold.
  • Unsold work by Central Ohio arists may be picked up at CS Gallery through the end of April 2014. Artwork that is left after this time period will be destroyed by the gallery, and wood panels reused.
  • Unsold work by artists outside of Central Ohio may choose to have their work shipped to them for a nominal fee. Shipping charges will depend on the weight of the package and location of the artist. Artists who do not wish to pay for shipping will have their images destroyed by the gallery. The leftover wood panels will be reused in 2015.
  • CS Gallery takes a 25% commission on all work sold.